Pricing and Contracts

About Pricing

I am generally 30% lower than box store pricing.  Yosemite Wood and Stone is a low overhead home business. Also I am not required to charge tax on products that are part of a contract that includes installation. In contrast, if you buy factory cabinets you’ll have to pay tax and then pay someone to install them. My work is delivered and installed as part of the contract cost.

About Contracts

Of course contracts are written for the security of the parties involved. And I understand most people feel more secure dealing with a mainstream established business, or here in the mountain community, by the recommendation of a friend. I have listed my references hoping to establish a basis for trust. Everyone needs to feel their project will be done well and on time. That is a responsibility I take seriously.

It should be known that all State licensed contractors are required by law to have a $12,000 bond that secures the investment of the client.

After meeting with a prospective client, discussing their hopes and coming to a clear understanding that details all aspects of the work, I request a small deposit for the purpose of substantiating a written agreement. I then make what are called working drawings that give the shapes and sizes of all the major parts and shows the appearance of the completed project. Then we will meet to discuss and approve the drawings and the project cost. Once an agreement is reached, I’ll ask for a material deposit that is 1/3 of the outstanding contract and proceed with the construction.

After the work is completed and fully assembled, I’ll request the client view the work in shop, for acceptance. With that in shop acceptance, I’ll request and additional payment of 1/3 of the contract. After the work is completely finished and installed I will request the final payment. In contract, it is my understanding that Box Stores and others require payment in full, plus tax, for any outsourced work.

When appropriate, I also work on a time and materials basis.

All the above may seem lengthy, but it is critical that both sides of our agreement understand exactly what is expected of them and when. Thank you for the opportunity to serve your needs.