Custom Kitchen, Pantry,  Bathrooms and Home Theater in Jerseydale

The following photos are from a custom home in Jerseydale, Mariposa County CA.

The kitchen features a unique style of cabinet doors and drawer fronts made from two different woods and three colors. The drawer and drawers fronts have inner panels made are from maple and the rails and styles from African Mahogany or Khaya that has been varnished, but not stained. The drawer and drawers fronts are inset thus reviewing the Khaya face frame that has a dark mahogany stain. Thus the face frames become an element of the design, rather than being hidden behind the doors and drawer fronts. The warm tones of the varnished wood surfaces and variation in tone, also goes well with the flooring, which is amendoim, a Brazilian hardwood. With time and exposure to light, the maple should darken slightly as will some of the lighter pieces of Khaya.

The cabinets and face frames were built by the homeowner, but a combination of lack of time and health issues prevented completion of the doors. I was pleased to be a part of helping to finish this unique kitchen. This project is a work in progress (clamps on the hood are long gone).   You can see some "before" images of the kitchen here.

Below are the cabinets in the adjacent Pantry/Laundry Room


The maple/khaya theme was carried into the pantry/laundry room with just hints of khaya in the maple doors.


The Beverage Bar with a kegerator and coffee system is located just outside the kitchen and right next to the home theater (next project).

Below are pictures of recently built cabinet doors and vanity in the various bathrooms in this house.

Above in the vanity in the half-bath off of the greatroom using straight and curly maple with a Khaya top and accents and an onyx backspash and inlays.


The two photos above were taken in the master bathroom and feature curly maple solid wood (not plywood) that has been resawn and book-matched for the panels and some of the drawer fronts.

Below are photos of the two bathrooms downstairs.

This bath is between two guest rooms and has a Japanese theme with khaya and bamboo.


And the full bath with a shower that leads into the sauna. Cabinet doors are of vertical grain douglas fir.

Recently, this customer asked me if I could design and build a custom countertop and sink that would go better in this room than the plain yellow sink/countertop that was originally installed. I found a suitable piece of granite for the countertop and bottom of the basin and used some quartz for the sides of the basin.



Definitely not a sink/countertop that you might find at a big box store!   

At that point, it was obvious the room needed a new mirror and so I made the frame from vertical grain douglas fir, like the cabinet doors below, and the same quartz used in the sink. 

Home Theater
The custom cabitnet below was designed to hold the various audio video equipment associated with a high-end home theater. Here khaya is combined with the darker wenge and lacewood for the inner field in the top and doors.  Also pictures is a table top for the room that matched the woods in the cabinet.

I am an artisan and do custom work to meet the customer’s needs.